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ATC launches donation drive for Panay ‘balangon’ growers

Homeless, helpless, impoverished.


     This has become the lowly lot of some two-hundred sixteen (216) ”balangon” banana growers and their families and kin in northern Panay island, particularly in the towns of Carles, Balasan, and San Dionisio in Iloilo province, who have been rendered without habitable shelter and sufficient food to survive the wrath brought about by super typhoon “Yolanda” (with international name “Haiyan”) which lashed out the eastern and western sections of the Philippines, on November 8, 2013.


     Aside from human deaths [Carles – 38 dead, San Dionisio  -  eight (8) dead, Balasan – seven (7) dead], and scores of others injured or still missing, the almost unexplainable storm surge that battered the northern Panay areas at around two o’clock in the afternoon on that fateful day likewise caused a monstrous 15-foot floodwaters spanning some two (2) kilometers in length, which resultantly, also heavily destroyed farm lots; damaged standing crops including fully-grown “balangon” banana plantations and products of the growers; bogged down electricity supply which grips their temporary shanties in darkness as electricity could not be restored in few months; destroyed livestock and poultry products; and uprooted some 100 mango trees, among its other devastating ill-effects.


     On top of all these, though, is the actual and potential loss of income among the “balangon” banana growers, particularly in Brgy. Suha in San Dionisio (37 growers, one farmers association, two haulers), Brgy. Cabilao Pequeño in 

Carles (148 growers, one farmers association, four purchasers, and 10 haulers), and Brgy. Salvacion in Balasan  (31 growers) in Iloilo province --  which translates to non-production of some 150 boxes of “balangon” products every two weeks.
In response to the call for help to the typhoon victims, Alter Trade Corporation sent a team to Carles, Balasan, and San Dionisio on Nov. 14 & 15, 2013 to distribute an initial 255 food packs for the “balangon” banana growers who have been affected.
More aid is needed and imperative for these growers and their families to slowly get up on their knees and rehabilitate their shattered lives.
These “balangon” banana growers are in dire need of relief assistance in the form of food packs, housing materials to rebuild their homes especially for their elderly and the little children; livelihood for them to start afresh with their lost incomes; seeds for their farms; and flicker of hope to encourage them to start anew.
As a sign of solidarity and deepest care for the “balangon” banana growers, Alter Trade Corporation would be very much appreciative and thankful for any financial assistance that you could extend to these tremendously affected “balangon” growers.

IMMEDIATE RELIEF ASSISTANCE TO THE VICTIMS.  Roberto Tenefrancia (right), Alter Trade Corporation Field Assistant staff in Carles town, Iloilo province, leads the ATC team in distributing a total of 250 relief packs to “balangon” banana growers in Northern Panay  which were affected by the recent super typhoon “Yolanda” (international name “Haiyan).

HOMELESS. Rolando Jarebal, a “balangon” banana grower in Balasan, relates that at his back, is what is left of their house as a result of the typhoon devastation. He and other affected growers seeks assistance in the form of housing materials for them to start rebuilding their house they can once again call their home.

RAVAGED BY FLOOD. Charlie Canoy, Field Assistant staff in San Dionisio, Iloilo province, relates that his house, too, was practically eaten up by the 15-foot floodwaters resulting from the storm surge of “Yolanda.” 

You can make a


in someone's life


Any financial assistance may be coursed through the following bank account numbers:


ü  Peso Account:  Bank of the Philippine Islands

                                          Mandalagan Branch, Bacolod City

                                          Account No.: 1391 – 0026 - 96

                                          Swift Code (IBAN Code):  BOPIPHMM


ü  US Dollar Account:  Bank of the Philippine Islands

                                          Mandalagan Branch, Bacolod City

                                          Account No.: 1394 – 1135 - 29

                                          Swift Code (IBAN Code):  BOPIPHMM


ü  Yen Account:  Bank of the Philippine Islands

                                          Mandalagan Branch, Bacolod City

                                          Account No.: 1394 – 1144 - 44

                                          Swift Code (IBAN Code):  BOPIPHMM

All funds raised will be spent to support the intended recipients for them to rebuild their lives, gather the lost pieces of their aspirations, and to empower them anew as partners in people-to-people and fair trade.


Thank you very much in advance.


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